Verizon Wireless Broadband Service

I'm testing a new service from Verizon called BroadbandAccess. The service was just launched in Kansas City last week, and provides mobile data at speeds up to 2Mbit per second (similar to high-speed DSL and cable modem service). BroadbandAccess is the first true 3G technology available in Kansas City. 3G simply refers to 3rd generation wireless service (full definition). More importantly, unlike their competitors who claim to have 3G in Kansas City (cough, Sprint, cough) Verizon is the first to deliver this exciting technology.

While not perfect, the service is quite impressive. I achieve speeds in the 1.5Mbit range quite often - although 500-800kbps is more the norm. Still, this is a big improvement over the 56kbps service I've seen with my Sprint data service. Using this service I can download large document attachments in seconds, not minutes. Another benefit of having high-speed data anywhere in Kansas City is that I no longer need to choose my lunch spots based on who has wireless (802.11b). I often check e-mail and catch up on work over lunch, since my days are usually spent with clients in a billable capacity. The Kansas City airport is also serviced by BroadbandAccess, which means I don't need to pay Sprint $10 to access their hot-spot.

Broadband Access is $80 per month for unlimited service. Expensive? Yes! Bleeding edge? Yes! I'll post a picture of the wireless card and a few screen shots of the client software in a future blog entry. Feel free to post comments if you'd like more information or if you have your own experience to share.

By the way... I'm posting this blog entry from Borders using BroadbandAccess ;)