Two Great New TechNet Resources (UPDATED)

Interop and Migration Content Filter
This new tool is probably most helpful for those of you in the consulting world. However, if you’ve ever wondered “how does x technology interoperate with y technology”, where x=Linux, Novell, IBM, etc. and y=Microsoft product, then you are in luck. I haven’t noticed any new content inside this tool; however, the next time I need to answer the above question I know just where I’ll go. I know it will save me several minutes/hours of searching for the right resources.

RSS Feeds of Recent KB Articles (UPDATED)
I’ve been a big fan of a service called KBAlertz for quite some time now. KBAlertz offers a service where you subscribe to different Microsoft content areas (say, Windows 2003, Exchange 2003, etc.) and then anytime a new KB article is posted you receive an e-mail. This is an excellent way to stay on top of emerging issues in the areas you care about most.

At first I thought this new TechNet service was going to make KBAlertz obsolete. However, after an e-mail exchange with Scott Cate at KBAlertz, I discovered that he has offered his own RSS feeds for quite some time. So now you have two choices -- continue to use KBAlertz feeds (which Scott says are updated more frequently than Microsoft's own feeds) or go straight to the horses mouth and use the TechNet feeds. Check out this page for all the details on TechNet's RSS service, and also some recommended RSS aggregators (my favorites are SharpReader and RSS Bandit).

BTW -- I’m subscribed to the following KB article feeds: