Funny: Microsoft = giantcompany.com

I've been testing Microsoft's new AntiSpyware beta for the last few weeks. You can get your own copy of this public beta at http://www.microsoft.com/spyware. The software is pretty well behaved, mostly because it really isn't a beta at all. Microsoft purchased AntiSpyware from a company called Giant, which had been selling AntiSpyware for quite some time. Immediately after purchasing Giant's assets, Microsoft re-branded the Giant product and launched it as Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta. The only noticeable changes between Giant's version, and the beta released by Microsoft, are the removal of all references to Giant, and the removal of a cool utility called a secure file shredder. This utility was able to integrate directly into Windows Explorer, allowing you to right-click on a folder or a file and have it securely deleted (i.e. not moved to the recycle bin). For some reason Microsoft chose to remove this feature. Hmmm...

Anyway, now for the funny part of my post. I was running Microsoft AntiSpyware yesterday and encountered my first bug. The screen shot below was presented for my information.

I guess they didn't remove every reference to Giant after all. Giant's former website was www.giantcompany.com. I find this funny because of all the grief people give Microsoft for being an 800-pound gorilla. So, if you have problems with any Microsoft software - just e-mail support@giantcompany.com. It'll make it to the right place ;)