January 2005 Patch Day

I have a headache... and surprisingly it's not because of Microsoft's January 2005 security bulletins. I just finished driving from my home in eastern Kansas to Jefferson City, Missouri in dense fog and rain. Lots of 18-wheelers, and some idiot that passed me doing 100MPH. Needless to say, I'm really not in the mood for Patch Day.

The good news is that this month (while having two critical vulnerabilities) isn't really a bad month. Three total vulnerabilities, and none of them "wormable". In my vocabulary, "wormable" vulnerabilities are ones that can be exploited remotely with no user intervention, using commonly open ports/services. These are the Blaster/Sasser variety vulnerabilities. January 2005 holds no such vulnerabilities. Guess that means I can knock off early, take two aspirin, and update my patch baseline spreadsheet in the morning.

Update: The Excel and web version of my patch baseline spreadsheet are current. Enjoy!