August Microsoft Patch Recommendations

Whew!  It has been a busy couple of weeks since my last post.  On a personal note, our family decided we didn’t have enough chaos in the house – and that a dog was the perfect solution.  Those of you with pets can probably appreciate the extra care and attention this new family member deserves.  Aside from stuff on the home front, work has been nuts.  I’m assisting a client with a large Novell to Microsoft migration project, playing both Project Manager and Architect.  Fun times

Anyway – back to the topic of my post.  I just uploaded my monthly Microsoft patch recommendations for August.  For the first time in a long time there are more patches for servers than for workstations (based on my recommendations, at least).  Take a look at the Excel version, or the HTML version if you prefer.  And whatever you do, beware of non-firewalled Windows 2000 Professional systems – especially laptops and teleworker PCs.  The Zotob worm is spreading (vulnerability mitigated by MS05–039).