WSUS SP1 Released to the Web

WSUS SP1 is finally available. Here are the links… scroll down further for the highlights of this release:

Download Packages:


Preview of What's New in WSUS SP1:
WSUS SP1 is a service pack release that improves the security, reliability, scalability, compatibility, and performance of WSUS.

These are the new features and improvements:

  • Windows Vista client support: Computers running Windows Vista can be updated by WSUS SP1 Server.
  • More client language support: Support for all Office and Windows Vista languages.
  • New version of WMSDE: The WMSDE instance will be upgraded to WMSDE SP4 by WSUS SP1 (WSUS RTM uses WMSDE SP3).
  • Performance improvements: WSUS SP1 includes various performance improvements to accelerate user interface response times.
  • All hotfixes: WSUS SP1 includes all changes and hotfixes that have been released since WSUS RTM.
  • Support for SQL Server 2005

Enjoy! Report any issues to the WSUS public newsgroup (microsoft.public.windows.server.update_services) or your Microsoft support rep.