Finally... Cisco VPN Client for Vista Beta 2

After months/years of waiting, Cisco has finally published a Vista-compatible VPN client. The version number is, and the download is approximately 11MB. I haven’t had a chance to install and test this yet since I’m on my way to another Tech-Ed 2006 session. However, I wanted to get the info out to the community as soon as possible. I’ll post some screen shots and a brief review as soon as possible.

Note: You need a valid Cisco CCO login to access the VPN client software. However, there are no specific requirements to be on Cisco’s beta program or anything. The Vista VPN client appears at the top of the list of Windows VPN client downloads.

Update: The new VPN client works like a champ under Vista Beta 2. Check my photo gallery for screen shots of the install and runtime experience.

Update 2: I've had several requests, but unfortunately I can't share this software via e-mail or any other mechanism. Thanks for understanding.