Contributing to the WSUS Wiki:

I finally got around to working on the WSUS Wiki tonight.  If you aren’t aware of this site, or are wondering what the heck a Wiki is, read on for more info.

A Wiki is a community-driven web site where any Internet user can add/update/delete content.  The goal of the WSUS Wiki is to create an evolving and improving community site where users can find answers to WSUS deployment and operations issues.  It is currently maintained by a core group of WSUS experts, Microsoft MVPs, and even Microsoft employees.  Tonight I made some simple typo and grammar corrections, and also created a new page titled WSUS Advanced Deployment Options.

Examples of other Wikis include the popular Wikipedia (Wiki Encyclopedia), Wiktionary (Wiki Dictionary), and Wikibooks (collaborative textbooks).

I plan to stay involved with the WSUS Wiki as I gain more experience with the product through customer deployments.  Stay tuned for more updates soon!