New Product Category in WSUS - Windows XP x64 Edition:

Microsoft recently added a new product category to WSUS – Windows XP x64 Edition.  Don’t confuse this with Windows XP 64–Bit Edition Version 2003.  The difference is as follows:

  • Windows XP x64 Edition is for 64–bit systems running AMD64 processors and Intel processors with EMT technology, which are referred to as x64 platforms.
  • Windows XP 64–Bit Edition Version 2003 is for 64–bit systems running Intel Itanium processors.  These processors are much less common than the AMD64 or Intel EMT chips that ship in new PCs.  If you have one or more Itanium processors, you’ll know it – there is no mistaking the price difference ;)

Here are screen shots of the WSUS product categories page before and after this change:

Old Categories  New Categories

Here is a screen shot of updates applicable to the new platform:


Keep an eye on the To Do list on your WSUS Administration home page for notifications about these types of changes.  Expect to see more product categories in the near future (SMS, ISA, MOM, and eventually Longhorn).