Update on Recent WSUS Changes

I thought I’d circle back and update everyone on the recent WSUS changes covered on this blog.

  • New Products: WSUS now offers product updates for Small Business Server 2003.  To date, two updates are available via WSUS for your SBS servers.
  • Not-So-New Products: The inclusion of Microsoft Codename Max is actually an error.  Don’t expect to see any updates published for this beta product.  In fact, the listing of Microsoft Codename Max in WSUS will be removed when WSUS SP1 ships sometime in 2006.
  • Exchange IMF Updates: While some of you may have noticed the appearance of an IMF update, you probably also noticed that you couldn’t deploy it to any of your servers.  This update was only intended for a small group of beta testers, and should never have been released to the entire WSUS ecosystem.  No worries – it should be expired from your WSUS systems by now.  Feel free to find it and set its approval status to Declined if you want.  We’ll eventually see this kind of update via WSUS, but not quite yet ;)

Stay tuned to this blog and the WSUS Wiki for more information as it becomes available.