French Lessons and MOM 2005 SP1

I’ve been looking for a way to run the MOM Operator Console Notifier along with the SP1 version of the MOM Operator Console.  Unfortunately, the MOM 2005 Resource Kit (which contains the Notifier) hasn’t been updated to support SP1.  Installing the Operator Console Notifier on top of an SP1 machine results in a lovely notice that your Operator Console is newer than expected – and the install bombs.  What a bummer – the Operator Console Notifier is one of my favorite gadgets :-(

Fortunately, the two years of French I took back in High School really came in handy.  After Googling for “operator console notifier” SP1 I found a helpful French MSDN blog related to this issue.  In all seriousness, I didn’t really need to understand French to get the point of the article.

  • Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MOM\2.0\Setup
  • Temporarily rename the registry value UIVersion to 5.0.2749.0
  • Install the Operator Console Notifier
  • Set the UIVersion value back to 5.0.2911.0
  • Enjoy!

Thank you – or should I say merci – Stephane.

BTW – Here is a screen shot of the Notifier app for those of you not familiar with it.