Identity Theft - Where Are Your Backup Tapes?

I stumbled across some interesting information while doing “financial triage” for a friend recovering from a nasty divorce.  The information comes from a company called ChoicePoint.  You might remember ChoicePoint as one of several companies that reported identity disclosure incidents last year.  One document on their privacy site really caught my attention.  It’s a document detailing 144 instances of identity disclosure – some much worse than that of ChoicePoint.

After browsing through this PDF document you’ll quickly learn that hackers and lost backup tapes are the main sources of identity disclosure.  So… do you know where your backup tapes are?  And are your servers and workstations locked down tight?  If you don’t feel 100% certain about either of these questions, take action now.  Otherwise we might see your company on the 2006 Information Disclosure list.