WMF Ramblings and Other Stuff

OK – not much time to blog tonight… but I did want to share a couple things.  First, if you are interested in checking out Microsoft’s antivirus/backup/firewall solution – Windows OneCare – just browse on over to www.windowsonecare.com and click the Get the Beta link.  I’ve been running OneCare for about 6 months now and am fairly impressed with it.  Until December you had to be invited to participate, but now the beta is open to everyone… so go get it!

OneCare isn’t designed for business use – but rather for the casual home user (think your parents, college-age kids).  OneCare does an excellent job of “dumbing-down” the technical jargon.  Here is a screen shot of an alert I got tonight on my home Media Center PC re: the new WMF issue:


Excellent segue into my next topic – the WMF security exploit.  In case you’re out of the loop you can read this Microsoft Security Advisory.  For another take on the subject, you can read the SANS ISC blog.  Make sure to pay special attention to the 3rd party fix.  I can’t recommend you install this, but it does put some extra pressure on Microsoft to get us something sooner rather than later.

Finally – did everyone see the Sony rootkit settlement?  Can’t believe this came to fruition.  Check out the article in USA Today… and add up the dollars in your head.  I’ll take a wild guess and say that someone is going to get fired over this.  Well deserved, in my opinion.  And for what it’s worth, I haven’t bought a Sony product since this story broke.

Until next time – stay safe, and avoid any Paris Hilton.wmf files, will ya?!!?